• Hello, I am Josh Blatchford

    – marketing consultant, blogger and Bitcoin enthusiast. I help established businesses and start-ups to develop and implement marketing strategies that deliver measurable returns.

  • I am young, creative and passionate

     I can help your firm take advantage of the latest digital marketing opportunities and get ahead of your competitors. Stop playing catch-up.  I have delivered projects for corporations, marketing agencies, charities and  start-ups. 

My Specialties

Bitcoin Marketing

Working with a plethora of Bitcoin start-ups has developed  my expertise in the Bitcoin industry.  I can leverage this insight to help both ‘traditional’ firms and Bitcoin start-ups.

Marketing Strategy

Having both helped global corporations achieve marketing objectives and advised start-ups on marketing strategy, I can offer your business sustainable growth solutions.


As a published author and blogger I have extensive writing experience.  Combined with my marketing background, I can produce SEO-optimized content that reads beautifully.